About Us

About NPS Jayanagar

Centrally located, NPS Jayanagar is set on a total campus area of 2.5 acres.

We here at NPS Jayanagar house an extensive range of facilities that are available to the students which include a well equipped state of the art junior and senior computer lab, mathematics lab, humanities lab, science labs, two storey library, music room, dance studio, yoga studio, cookery lab and A.V. room.

We also pride ourselves with a plethora of skills that we impart to our children, as we believe that both Tradition and Modernisation should work symbiotically to create a well rounded child.

Skills that we offer include 3D printing, Sewing , Pottery , Carpentry , Weaving, Spinning and Cookery. Our Classrooms are equipped with interactive panels to facilitate learning.

As we can see NPS Jayanagar has designed a diverse and specialized curriculum, which helps the child to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills alongside a vast range of skill sets that will enable them to discover their innate talents . Constant curriculum development and design is a permanent feature of our school.

The teaching faculty comprises highly qualified and motivated trained personnel. We offer two exciting early years learning programmes, the Montessori and the Kindergarten for children between the ages 3 to 5.

We are committed to integrating modern technology and Ancient tradition into the curriculum from primary years onwards.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

  • To impart child oriented value based education
  • To provide an experiential and exploratory inclusive learning environment that fosters scientific temper and holistic development.

Our Mission

  • NPS Jayanagar is committed to academic excellence, holistic development and value based education, by providing a healthy and supportive environment, where students irrespective of gender, capability or economic background are nurtured to be self directed, life long learners

Our Values

  • Impart Knowledge of India - we believe it is important not to lose our culture in today’s modern era. Our House Names, Sports Days, Annual Days alway make sure to imbibe a very traditional aspect to showcase the great culture of our country rather than adhering to modern day norms
  • Saraswathi Vanna - Houses a wide range of healing property plants that promote wellness of our children body and mind
  • Hands on & Minds on Learning - We believe in Experiential learning outside of our academic curriculum to provide Holistic development of all Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Social traits in our students. This is made possible via our state of the art labs & skills facilities
  • We also pride Philanthropy, School Social Responsibility - Give back to community & environment and are proud to be a Plastic free school
  • We make sure that no child feels any difficulty by providing Inclusive education with remedial and support classes and make sure to provide extra help for those with learning difficulties