Our Team

CAO's Message

We here at NPS Jayanagar pride ourselves to be unique, we take pride in creating well rounded and confident children. We truly give equal importance to Academics as well as developing a plethora of skills to unleash the innate talent within each child.

Exposure to tradition that can be seen in our house names (Nalanda, Takshashila, Vallabhi, Vikramashila), along side weaving, pottery, carpentry, spinning etc.. combined with modernisation such as 3D printing , coding , photography etc… gives rise to the holistic development of the child.

We are 100 percent dedicated to fostering an environment where our children are encouraged to think outside the confines of a box and to explore their own innate learning abilities and apply them to real world applications.

We marvel in the wonders of each individual and their unique persona and always encourage them to be themselves and reach their full potential by creating a safe and collaborative environment where they themselves feel confident to push themselves to reach great heights.

I am extremely grateful and proud of each and everyone of our staff who pour their heart and soul into being the backbone of our students at NPS Jayanagar so the student can stand with their head held high and allow this institution to flourish and bloom with greater yields year on year.

Ms. Neha Vivekananda