Our School

School Clubs

Cyber Club

Computer education in schools play an important role in students’ career development. A computer with the internet is the most powerful device that students can use to learn new skills and apply effectively. The club encourages to hone the computer skills of the students to retrieve, manipulate, and manage data more efficiently.

Literary Club

The objective of the literary club is to inculcate among students a flair for the language and to enhance their literary skills, encourage students to become orators and display their intellectual, independent thinking skills. The club channelizes into English, Kannada, Hindi and Sanskrit club.

Math Club

The club focuses on paving the way for complete visualization and comprehension of mathematical concepts. It offers a platform for a free exchange and critique of mathematical ideas.

Heritage Club

The vision of this club is  to create awareness about preserving and promoting our varied and rich ancient culture and traditions among the young learners. It conducts various activities for students that enable them to appreciate the traditions, culture and religious diversity of our country as well as other heritage cities around the world.

The Eco Club

The Eco Club functions with the overt aim to inculcate environmental awareness among the students by encouraging them to give free expression to their ideas through various activities.

Quiz Club

Quiz club is the perfect platform for all who wish to challenge their mind in a competitive manner. The club aims in challenging one’s knowledge, alertness and facilitates collaborative learning, team spirit, and peer-to-peer reviews.

Science Club

The Science club helps to reach out to students who have a passion for science and exploration. It piques the curiosity of students and develops their scientific temper. The main aim is to widen the outlook of students and apply the knowledge in real-life situations