Our Team

Director's Message

It is with great pride and satisfaction we at NPS Jayanagar not only focus on education but offer holistic development and nurturing both curricular, extra-curricular and life skills to each and every child.

My sincere appreciation goes out to the backbone of our institution, who are our teachers, administration and other support staff ably led by our Principal. I would also like to thank our parents and their families who have encouraged our children along the way.

All of us have dreams of achieving something big in life. To achieve this good, we must find ways to make dreams happen. My advice to our children is never get discouraged if things do not work out the way you planned. You need to pick yourself up and try a different approach. We often stick with things we know, believe, or like to avoid risking failure. But if you never try differently, you will never know if you can achieve a better outcome or result. Your goal will be reached only through perseverance, consistency, and tireless practice.

The habits that are developed now will carry with you your entire life. When we work with a positive feeling and enjoy what we do, we lose the sense of time and only then can we be happy and totally feel content in our chosen path. With all our co-curricular activities, we give our children a chance to adapt to diversity, to share and teach what they learn. A place for finding oneself and enjoying what you do.

Thanks to the vision of our Principal and dedicated band of teachers who have brainstormed and brought in many life skills.

We here at National Public School Jayanagar are like trees who give shade, protect, and nurture our children with the fruits of our labor so that they blossom out of their own.

Mrs. Anupama Vivekananda