Skills Development


Nourishing Minds and Fostering Independence

Why was it introduced?

Cookery was introduced into our curriculum in 2017-18 Cookery was introduced to students to provide knowledge around nutrition and healthy eating. Educating students about the nutritional value of foods, food safety, and balanced diets was seen as a proactive step to combat health issues.

Benefits to students

  • Equipping students with a fundamental life skill promoting self-sufficiency. By learning to cook, students could become less reliant on convenience foods or eating out, making cooking at home a more economical and healthier option.
  • The introduction of cookery in schools also aimed to foster an appreciation for culinary arts and diverse cuisines. It encouraged creativity and an understanding of different cultures through food.
  • Cookery education in schools has the broader goal of preparing students for adulthood, promoting healthier lifestyles, and empowering them with valuable life skills.